hello again.

Saturday, April 19, 2008


We ate at Main Street Market Place Cafe twice today, as it is one of our favorite spots here. Here's a few shots taken there.

Friday, April 11, 2008

To do today:

Finish invoicing, file paperwork, enter bills, pay bills, deliver ductilator, go to bank, pay taxes at bank, go to Kimbrell's Office Supply and get more supplies for the office, set up electronic bill pay,print check register, go jogging, eat a waffle, finish laundry, go to the grocery store, maybe go walking with Robin?, deliver mail, check on my sad little rose bush. Whew. I'm tired thinking about it.

CDs & Canvases

Wesley is on his last day of recording today. It is such a good cd. I know that I may be bias, but I was drawn to his music before I was attracted to him, so I think I can say objectively that it is good stuff. And it is good stuff. It has been almost exactly a year in the making, so it's nice to see it come together. I have heard just about all of it (save for the stuff they are currently working on, though Merisha and I will be going up there later on this afternoon to work on it some more, and we shall hear it then) and it is Excellent work! So, because today is the last day of recording, the cd should be out (Lord willing!) by the end of this month! Hooray! And, we've been getting some pre-orders in (...ah, hem, at $10.00 each, including delivery which will be $12, so order your copy today!!!...) so that's reassuring that the cd will sell. I have full confidence in that its completely worth of listening to and worth of buying. I just hope that we can get the word out there. It will be available on iTunes eventually, too. Ok, enough about that.I have to order canvases this weekend. I was just commissioned recently to paint a portrait of a dog. I have only done this sort of portrait once, so it shall be a new venture. The one time I did a portrait of a pet was of our "stray" cat Clarence that adopted us, and it was for Wesley, so it will be interesting painting the portrait for someone outside of our home. I love doing people and animals. The pressure is in that it has to be exact. Its just not the same otherwise. Have you ever seen something someone's painted or drawn and thought, "well, I can tell that it looks like so & so, but somethings just not quite right." Exactly. It has to be exact. Generally animals are less stressful than humans, but you would be suprised (or maybe you wouldn't!) at how detail oriented you have to be when its someone's pet. People see their pets almost as children, and in this case, sometimes the pets are their children.

Monday, April 7, 2008

New Pictures

Knox on his "computer"

Just after his first haircut. We texted this picture out to people.

Wearing Dad's Glasses

Telling us something about the guitar on the floor.

A close up after his first haircut. I think actually this was the picture we texted out.

My cutie-pie! :o)

Knox In his toybox.

Again, In his toybox.

Listening to some iTunes.

His "Dums"

The usual: Sucking on his Blankie.