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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Ron Paul

is the only sensible solution to the presidential candidacy. He is consitant and conservative. He is absolutely pro-life. He is absolutely anti-war in Iraq. He is absolutely about cutting taxes. He is absolutely about elliminating our national debt. He is absolutely for our freedom to choose. He wants the federal government to have less control of our lives. He wants the people to make more choices for themselves. He wants us to have the freedom to educate ourselves and our children the way we choose. He wants us to take care of our own citizens before trying to police the world. He is a very logical man and the right candidate for the job. VOTE PAUL for 2008!
Go to: www.RonPaul2008.com

Monday, January 21, 2008

i'm dreaming of a white...

...mlk weekend...?
It snowed this weekend! I was so excited! I think it only snows like once every 10-15 or more years here, so we were VERY excited when the snow actually stuck to the ground! When Knox saw the snow blowing all around, he kept whispering, "Wow, wow, wow."I thought Knox would enjoy the blowing flakes, but when we stepped out in it, he cried. Its finally too cold for even my flip-flop self to wear sandles. I'm heavily layered with the scarves I've been knitting all year. Mom dropped by this weekend with a bounty of quilts she has picked up. I am very grateful for her good timing! My favorite quilt is ladened with bright poppies that is obviously hand-sewn. I am so impressed by the thought of women sewing such beautiful and useful objects. When I look at such an intricate quilt, I cannot but think, people are so foolish to think that married women of the past were stifled in their homemaking. They had wonderful creative outlets that the arts of are being extinguished today, such as quilting. It seems to be such a time consuming thing, and yet, what beauty out of scraps and what would normally be trash! What a way to renew the earth.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

I'm dreaming of a white...

... MLK weekend...?

Saturday it SNOWED!!! I know this may sound insignificant to most of you out in blogger-land, but if you don't realize, it NEVER snows here. Seriously, the only time I know of it snowing was when I was on a field trip in town while I was in Kindergarten, and I didn't go to the window when they said it was snowing, so I never saw it. It melted immediately. It ices over occasionally (meaning once every few years), but snow is probably once every 10-20 years.

So, I was thoroughly excited when I awoke at 8 on a Saturday morning to my cellphone ringing to the joyous news that it was SNOWING!!! :o) I built a snowman about 6 inches tall from the snow that had accumulated on my car. We put Knox's tiny handprint in the pile of snow on a lid outside, and he cried. Apparently he doesn't care for the snow. I, along with many other people I know (judging from the enormous influx of snow pictures on facebook over the weekend), took lots of pictures of the snow. I even have a video of my dad throwing a snowball.

Here's a shot of Wesley I'm working on. I like the lighting. We're well into the CD process, and I think it's going well. We've been working on the actual recording lately, and soon we will be working on design and duplication phase. We are excited about seeing it release!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Some pictures from Christmas

I've just rediscovered scrapbooking. Wow. I really enjoy it. However, I have also rediscoverd why I stopped it in the first place: it is expensive and takes up all my time. Wesley and I are still pondering whether or not we should go back to school soon or not. We haven't really gotten anywhere with the process.