hello again.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ok, ok, so i lied.

so, i haven't posted my super delicious gumbo recipe yet, and i did forget to take pictures. sorry bout that. i will post the recipe, but you'll just have to wait one more day for it. we ate it tonight for dinner with my sweet friend, and it was good! i started cooking it entirely too late on monday night, so it was much to late to post the recipe that night. and tonight i'm skipping it because i'm fulfilling my other commitment as witnessed by you in the previous blog: i'm going running in the morning. i am starting to train for a 5k, so i have to get to bed soon so that i can make myself get up and go running. thankfully i have a friend who is counting on me to actually scramble out of bed and meet her or else i would have ZERO motivation to do it. i mean, i do want to look good, and i do want to be healthy, but lets be honest folks, i don't give a rats'...heiney...about that anytime before 9 o'clock. but i'm doing it, and it'll be by the grace of God alone if i finish it. but i will. i will. which reminds me, anyone know of a 5k in around december? i've got one for february-ish, but hopefully by then i'll have trained for the 10k that they do. let me know if you hear anything. i have hopes of running the boston marathon in a couple of years. not winning it, running it. i just want to be able to finish. i mean, heck. i'm barely in my mid-twenties. i can do this. right?...anyone?

Sunday, September 27, 2009

leize le bon temps roule

This is my favorite time of day. Well, actually, this is my favorite time of the week. Sunday afternoon. Just after lunch and the boys are in bed. They barely make it through lunch before zonking out in their bed (if not the car seats). Heck, my eyes are half-open, myself. I have a netflix movie in, the couch to myself, and silence in the air. Wes is watching some guy-movie that i am not the slightest bit interested in on the mac with the headphones. All I need now is a little scoop of ice cream while i half-doze to the background music that is a movie.

This evening before meeting with our Sunday-evening group, I am planning on making gumbo, my semi-homemade version. I created a recipe for gumbo accidentally (i was trying to make jambalaya) and it turned out really good. So i have also created a more condensed version for when i don't feel like making every single thing from scratch (i.e. i don't feel like boiling a chicken and making stock, etc.) that i believe is still just as good. And we'll have it over brown rice. However, chances are that we won't actually eat this deliciousness until tomorrow because I believe we have already made some dinner plans with some friends. I just know myself, and won't actually get around to cooking it unless there is a chunk (what a gross word) of time allotted specifically for gumbo-making. So, should i get around to it, i will be posting pictures of this gumbo (hopefully in step-by-step fashion) with the recipe so that if you choose, you can create my yummy gumbo.

But for now, back to the movie...

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Hello. Yes, I know i've been away for a very, VERY long time. However, that happens, and we move on. I am contemplating combining my two blogs (one professional and, well, this one) but haven't yet done it because I don't know if the general public wants to hear my craziness while trying to look at their pictures. The other night Wesley and I finally got around to seeing Julie & Julia. I know you all have probably seen it, but let me tell you, it might be my favorite movie. At least top ten. Big fan. So, now I'm back into the blogging.

Anyway, my boys are probably a good 3 inches taller than the last time I posted. Knox's love for the drums is growing with each moment, and it seems that not only does he turn anything his huge imagination sees into a drum, but apparently can keep a really good beat. We are toying with the idea of getting him into drum lessons. I think he would love it and it would be really good for him. From what I understand, he will most likely be receiving a real set of drums for his birthday soon, so with actual drums in the house, there really is no excuse not to provide him with lessons.

Kuyper is almost a year old. I know I've said it, but man, where does the time go??? The older I get, the faster it jets past me. And its like I don't even realize it when it does. Kuyper started walking last week. How insane is that? Granted, he is tiny, so he looks like he should not be walking anytime soon. And, true, Knox walked at the same age, so I guess I should have anticipated it, but still.

And speaking of having a ten month old, it has been 10 months, and do i feel remotely as in shape as i was before i was pregnant? no. Am I remotely as in shape as i was before i was pregnant? no. (and let's be honest. am i even trying remotely as much as i was before i was pregnant? no.) But Today is a new day. Today I am trying. Today I decide, "baby weight, I am gone of you forever." Today I say, "Good-bye, Fat Jeans." and, "hello, Cute white lacey tank top that I have missed for a good...(...hmm...ten plus nine)...nineteen months!" I have given little half-a$$ed attempts to getting in shape, but today I have decided that i'm jumping in full fledge (is that a word? what does that even mean?). Today I decide that I will be training for a (...marathon? seriously? do you really think that's a realistic goal right now?...hmmm...what's shorter, then? a half-marathon? that sounds ridiculous. I'll say a 5k. yeah, that's more realistic.) and training for a 5K. Speaking of, does anyone know of a good 5k that'll be playing out this winter-ish? I need concrete goals if this is going to work. Daily training. Daily eating healthy. Daily cooking healthy. Really, that's one thing I'm excited about. Cooking more. Now I have more of a reason to do it. I thought about getting Gordon Ramsey's Healthy Appetite the other day while i was in Square Books, but decided to wait. So, until I find a race, I guess it's a vague determination. But I'm looking and open to suggestions.