hello again.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Hello. Yes, I know i've been away for a very, VERY long time. However, that happens, and we move on. I am contemplating combining my two blogs (one professional and, well, this one) but haven't yet done it because I don't know if the general public wants to hear my craziness while trying to look at their pictures. The other night Wesley and I finally got around to seeing Julie & Julia. I know you all have probably seen it, but let me tell you, it might be my favorite movie. At least top ten. Big fan. So, now I'm back into the blogging.

Anyway, my boys are probably a good 3 inches taller than the last time I posted. Knox's love for the drums is growing with each moment, and it seems that not only does he turn anything his huge imagination sees into a drum, but apparently can keep a really good beat. We are toying with the idea of getting him into drum lessons. I think he would love it and it would be really good for him. From what I understand, he will most likely be receiving a real set of drums for his birthday soon, so with actual drums in the house, there really is no excuse not to provide him with lessons.

Kuyper is almost a year old. I know I've said it, but man, where does the time go??? The older I get, the faster it jets past me. And its like I don't even realize it when it does. Kuyper started walking last week. How insane is that? Granted, he is tiny, so he looks like he should not be walking anytime soon. And, true, Knox walked at the same age, so I guess I should have anticipated it, but still.

And speaking of having a ten month old, it has been 10 months, and do i feel remotely as in shape as i was before i was pregnant? no. Am I remotely as in shape as i was before i was pregnant? no. (and let's be honest. am i even trying remotely as much as i was before i was pregnant? no.) But Today is a new day. Today I am trying. Today I decide, "baby weight, I am gone of you forever." Today I say, "Good-bye, Fat Jeans." and, "hello, Cute white lacey tank top that I have missed for a good...(...hmm...ten plus nine)...nineteen months!" I have given little half-a$$ed attempts to getting in shape, but today I have decided that i'm jumping in full fledge (is that a word? what does that even mean?). Today I decide that I will be training for a (...marathon? seriously? do you really think that's a realistic goal right now?...hmmm...what's shorter, then? a half-marathon? that sounds ridiculous. I'll say a 5k. yeah, that's more realistic.) and training for a 5K. Speaking of, does anyone know of a good 5k that'll be playing out this winter-ish? I need concrete goals if this is going to work. Daily training. Daily eating healthy. Daily cooking healthy. Really, that's one thing I'm excited about. Cooking more. Now I have more of a reason to do it. I thought about getting Gordon Ramsey's Healthy Appetite the other day while i was in Square Books, but decided to wait. So, until I find a race, I guess it's a vague determination. But I'm looking and open to suggestions.


Cole said...
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Robin said...

JA hosts an either 5 k or 10 k at the end of February. There is a walk and a run. We should do it! Actually, I'll be working it, but I can always cheer you on :) And I'm with you on the eating healthier and working out. Are you going back to snap or just doing it on your own? I haven't decided yet, but I know that as soon as this baby is born, exercise here I come! Maybe then we'll actually see each other again :)

clairestrebeck said...

Wesley re-joined Snap, but I haven't. I would like to try to do it on my own first. If I can make myself do it on my own, then I wouldn't have to pay for it! :o) We'll see. Plus I'd be able to change up the scenery. And yes, you need to spit that baby out so we can go exercise together. ;o)