hello again.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The First Snow Cone of the Season

It was bliss. I opted for something a little out of the ordinary in the form of a "topless" (b/c I don't want it spilling in my car) sour apple and lemonade mixture. I figured you can't go wrong with anything fruity mixed with lemonade. O how true. Yum.

Also, I have been picking blueberries from my blueberry bush the past few days and freezing them with dreams of a blueberry pie. I also picked my first cute little cherry tomato from the plant that I named Frank. I later saved him from a tragic ending by rescuing him just before Knox popped it in his mouth. I wouldn't have minded, except judging from past experiences with tomatoes, Knox would have just spit it right back out. And all my hard work...haha...of trying to remember to water Frank would have been wasted on the little tomato. But, Frank is producing several more tomatoes that look like they will be ripe and ready to be picked within a few days. (As long as I remember to water him...)

Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

Yesterday Wesley and I stayed in. My mom had stayed the night, so she took Knox to church with her, and we had the morning to ourselves. It was nice, honestly. We went on a pseudo-morning-date. We went to McDonalds (b/c Main Street Marketplace was closed) for breakfast, and then tried to rent a movie, but it was closed. So, we went to the park to swing instead. We watched all the different woodland animals run around, collecting their food, preparing already, I'm sure, for winter. There were woodpeckers, bluejays, cardinals, squirrels, and chipmonks. Then we took a nap, and went back to the movie store to rent No Reservations. We originally had plans to have a major junk night including local pizza, candy, brownies, cream soda for me and Strawberry Abita for Wesley, but after going to a "church fellowship" and filling up on junk there, we were too full to eat the original planned junk. But, the movie was still good.
Next, this morning we had breakfast (again) at McDonalds! haha, well, we never eat there, really, but the Marketplace was closed (again) for Memorial Day, so we went again with my dad and grandparents. Knox loved it.
I made my strawberry jam last night. It tastes very good, but apperently I cooked it too long, b/c it's more like the consistency of taffy than jam, but it's still very good. I think if you heat it a little it'll loosen up. For sure it will preserve this time. In just a little while we will be heading to the lake with a group of friends to ride on the boat , tube (though, sadly I cannot participate), and boil crawfish! Yum.

Friday, May 23, 2008

in other news

I am going to attempt canning again. I canned some of our figs last year into preserves, but as I went to open a jar the other day to make Knox a peanut butter and jelly (or preserves) sandwich, I smelled the figgy spread. Though the lid was sealed, the figs themselves were ruined. I believe I must not have used enough sugar or cooked them long enough (to get all the impurities out), because it had ferminted. Yuck. It smelled like fig mouthwash. So, after throwing out that batch of preserves (and the stinky sandwich that Thankfully I had smelled before anyone ate it) and slightly discouraged, I located the rest of the jars of "preserves," that I now can rename "not-preserves," and threw them out, too. This afternoon, however, I am going to get more plants from a local grower and try to keep them alive so that I can try to can all over again. This time, under the watchful eye of my experienced Mother-in-law.

Play Days

Wednesday afternoon I spent most of the day being a highway for Little Knox. He would run his tiny yellow truck up and down my arms and legs and head. It amazes me how much he loves trucks. He will stop anything (even eating a banana) to listen to a truck. "Brmm-Brmm!"
He is growing into quite the young man. I used to think that he looked like a big baby, but more and more he is looking like a little man. He is very much a little boy. I am not quite sure when he turned into this little boy. He is learning to determine yellow from blue. He can answer correctly 3 questions from the shorter chatechism. He gets upset when the top is not on the laudry detergent correctly. He can eat with a fork.
And now we are waiting on number two. I still don't yet know if they are a girl or a boy, but by now, I'm sure it's determinable. Wesley told me he kinda hopes they are a boy so that Knox will have a little buddy. I think this is good logic. Although, a girl would be nice, too.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

This week's Menu

Yesterday and today I didn't have to go into work until one, so I was able to get dressed leisurely and cook breakfast, which was a joy.

Monday: Dinner: Pasta Quattro Formaggio with Roasted Chicken
Tuesday: Lunch: Mammie's Chicken Salad Sandwich (without M-Word) on Home Baked
White Bread
Dinner: Bacon Turkey Burgers on Onion Kaiser Rolls with Baked Macaroni &
Cheese and Green Bean Bundles
Breakfast Casserole
Wednesday: Dinner: Church or @ the Townsends'
Thursday: Dinner: whichever I didn't cook on Tuesday
Friday: Date Night/homemade Pizza
Saturday: Fundraiser for Mr. Mike Byrne @ Mainstreet Market Place Cafe'