hello again.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

And now, pictures.

He currently has more teeth.

:( Silly man in trouble. He's in our family jeans. (They originally were my father-in-law's, then his sister, then my sisters-in-law, then my husband, then his cousins, then my neice, and now Knox.)

Our little Turnip Head
How quickly they grow

Oh man.

Tonight my Mother-in-law grilled steak and sausage, and cooked lobster, baked beans, and sweet potatoes. YUM. Tomorrow night we are eating chicken verde enchiladas. We strayed a tiny bit from the food schedule.

Tonight at my in-law's house we started talking at dinner about fuel costs among other things. I believe I may ask some of my dear friends and neighbors (who just Happen to be one in the same...minus an absent Merisha only for a short while) if they want to carpool to the grocery store. I may even try to round up a group to go once a month(ish) to Sam's. I figure we can split the fuel costs and save some moolah. I am excited that a produce store is about to move just yards from my house very soon. I shall be able to walk there this spring (Lord willing). I do want to grow my own garden, though, too. I am going to try to help plant my in-law's garden to get some experience so that I will have an Incling of an idea as to what I would be doing. I almost just spelled doing "dooing." Wow. Long day.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Food Planning

Today is the Mississippi Primaries. If you happen to be a registered voter in MS, please go vote today! (and vote for Ron Paul!) :)Yesterday I was extremely pleased with how much I was able to accomplish around the house! It was very suprizing to me how far a little planning went. I was able to:sweep and mop all the floors, vaccum the carpet, straiten Knox's room, make our bed, put away all the clothes, continue the laundry (though I'm not completely finished...more on that later...funny story), finish the dishes, cook dinner, and wash the car! All from about 3pm to 630pm! So, about the laundry. I decided to save a little money and be more friendly to the economy to dry my laundry on a clothes line yesterday. Why not? The day was beautiful. By the time I got everything up, it was overcast. I waited about an hour or so, went back, and checked the clothes, still damp. A while later I felt a sprinkle, so I went and got the clothes that had dried and brought them inside. The other clothes were already wet, so I left them out anyway. Hopefully by the time I come in from work today I will have dry laundry! Its another pretty day today, so maybe I'll try again. I did, however, enjoy the rain. I love to cosey up in bed with a good book under my antique quilts while the rain hits our antique tin roof.
This weekend Knox stayed with KK while we went to a friend's wedding out of town. He had a wonderful time judging by the temper-tantrum he through when he saw us to bring him home.
Wesley is actively working on bookings again; I am so glad!
Here is what I'm cooking this week. (I actually planned ahead!)
Last night: Spinach and Ricotta-Stuffed Chicken Medallions over Pasta with a Creamy Lemony-White Wine & Balsamic Vinager Reduction over Penne Pasta and Spinach Salad with Dried Cranberries and Feta. Chocolate Ice Cream for Dessert. (You can get the chicken recipe from www.foodnetwork.com, though I did my own variation of the sauce.)
Tonight: Pulled Pork Sanwiches Slow Cooked on homemade Baguette
Wednesday: probably at the Townsends
Thursday: either French Dip Sammies (with same pork from Tuesday night) or BBQ Sammies (with same pork from Tuesday night)
Friday: Probably homemade pizza. I have found this amazing wheat pizza dough recipe (from The Best of Cooking Light) and it has been such a hit! I swap the amounts of white and wheat flour to give it more wheat, but you could keep it with more white.
Saturday: Gumbo. I'll add chicken, sausage (venison), and seafood (probably shrimp unless we decide to go get some crawfish...though crawfish would be gooooood) over brown rice.
Sunday: Probably with the Townsends again. pleased with how much I was able to accomplish around the house!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Knox's First Haircut

The Before.

Getting the Cut.

The Finished Product!

Cold Winter Mornings

Knox's Guitar

Knox and Me in the snow.

Daddy and Knox


Eating Bubbles
We're watching Making the Band. It is interesting watching these people record an albumn. They are going about it in such a different way than Wesley did with his cd.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Someone called me sounding as if he were from Easter descent and continues to call me. They claim that the Govt wants to give me $3000 plus for paying bills and taxes on time. They wanted to confirm my name and address and age, and said that they already have my bank account numbers. They did not say what they were, though. They said his name was James Brown and the number that called me is (510)868-9343, but he said his callback number is 877-464-0444 or 866-923-3611. There was a lady who called yesterday sounding as if she were from Asian descent. She had a very thick accent, and I could barely make out what she was saying. They both got very flustered and upset when I began asking questions as to where this money was coming from and who they were. They just basically kept saying that they were not telemarketers. I was like, ok, but I still want to know. And the man got frustrated and sounded a bit angry when I said I didn't want it into my account and I just wanted to receive a check. He said they couldn't do that, and could only deposit it in the account. I told him I didn't want it in the account, and only wanted a check. He continued to say he couldn't do that, so I told him I didn't want the money at all. Then I hung up. He called back at least 5 times in a row. I just rejected the calls. Once I answered, and he was angry and said he wasnt' a telemarketer and why did I hang up, and I just told him I'm not interested and don't call back. He called back once more, and then didn't yet. That was about 5 minutes ago

Monday, March 3, 2008

We gotta get out of this place

If it's the last thing we ever do
We gotta get out of this place
'cause girl, there's a better life for me and you

(The Animals)

Man, that's how I've been feeling.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Food PIctures

What do I say...? oranges and balsamic vinager...why not?


Homemade Chocolate Cake. Yummy.

Seafood Lasagne

Seafood Lasagne again