hello again.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Baby Einstein...

Zipping, zooming, there goes Jane
Flying by in her Airplane.

This is a little sing-song style poem in one of Knox's books that we listen to over and over. I enjoy his curiosity and adventure for books, but sometimes I want for more "adult" conversation. :o)

Last week while I was home, I read John Grisham's The Testament. It was pretty good. This week I'm reading The Summons. I have noticed a theme in how he names his books.

The past two nights I have been very thankful to the Townsend women for letting me bunk in their home with them. They are our own Natchez-version of Little Women. :o) I had porridge for the first time this morning for breakfast, and was pleasantly suprized by how good it is. I have never considered myself an oatmeal type girl, but I guess my tastebuds have changed, or else I just like porridge.

Yesterday I took a trip to see Wesley in Brookhaven. I will be glad when he shall return. Life is not the same without him for either me or Knox. I had forgotten how beautiful Mississippi is. The trees and the farms are such a nice view when driving. Even in the winter, everything is still green. I'll be glad when the summer arrives and cotton is out. I love to look out the window and see fields and fields of the snowy white. I would much rather it "snow" during our summers than deal with all the icy mess in the winter...though I was pleased with the rare snowfall last month.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Last week I was out sick just about everyday. I am happy to report that I am up and running (though not literally) once again.
This week, Robina and I have been walking. We do want to eventually have the walking turn into running, but through our little exersions, I am learning that I am not as in-shape as I had once so foolishly thought. We have been taking our little men on slow treks through Duncan Park. The first trip Knox screamed the entire time. It happened to co-inside with naptime. The next time, we were a bit more prepared. We strolled in our too-flat-tired-stroller while listening to "My Boogie Shoes" on repeat on the cell phone. Knox is turning out to be the biggest music nut I have ever met.
Yesterday Wesley went to Brookhaven to once again work on his CD. I am glad that he is making this a reality. We have been looking forward to making his CD for so long. Also, I'm glad that he is able to take a break from his job to work on music, b/c when he is away from music for so long, he seems to be burndoned. I can understand this, b/c when I am not able to write or paint or any sort of expression, I get burnt out.
I have been reading Edith Schaeffer's "The Hidden Art of Homemaking" lately, and I highly recommend it. It has proven to be an excellent tool to help me think more wholistically of the Kingdom of God and my daily life and how creativity can (and should) fit therein.
I am trying to find some literature by Anne Steele, and have not been able to find anything. I have googled her, but nothing substancial appears. I see that her hymns and collections exist, but nothing seems to be available online. Strange. Please let me know if you know anything to the contrary.
I have begun to journal again. After about a year hiatus, I am returning with a vengeance. I have misplaced my former journal...still in boxes in storage at Dad's...but I have a new one, and hopefully, once it is full, I shall find the former and resume where I left off.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

john mccain