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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

one christian's thought on godliness in art and daily life

Ah, lately i have begun to paint again. My fingers feel alive for the first time in about a year. Wesley and I have been thinking about what it means to glorify God in what you do, and what to do to glorify God. How does one do this on a daily basis? More specifically, what does this mean to me? Even more so, what does this mean to me as an artist? Truely, I don't have to paint crosses or Jesus on my for or label it "Christian" for it to glorify God. And the things I create don't have to be just (or at all?) appreciated by Christians for it to glorify God, so what is it that glorifies God in what I do? And how do I do it?
And that brings me to my current thought: I am much more content about all of life when I paint (or sculpt, or whatever). Not just an "I'm happy" contentment, but a deep overwhelming contentment that doesn't come from reading a good book or eating a good meal. Something much larger than that. And I know that in and of itself is not something that creates godliness, but I cannot deny that God, being a creative and purposeful God, created an aptitude and desire for it for some reason.

And now for some pictures I have been meaning to post.

This is from Knox's first birthday party. Here he is with his great-grandfather Poppy, or as I call him, Granda:

Grammy KK and Aunt Lee:

With Daddy:

and an older picture from the Fourth of July: (Note the crazy outfit on Knox that my mom picked out. It had a hat that matched.)

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