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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

the longest day

Yesterday I spent the afternoon running errands. After work i went to pick up Knox, who was sleeping (this is normal). However, I decided to wake Knox up early from his morning nap to go ahead and go to the grocery store. Mistake number one. Knox did pretty well most of the trip, though dealing with whiney moments throughout (which I guess would be understandable, seeing as how I hadn't fed him lunch yet and it was about 12:30...mistake number two). Until the checkout line. I believe I witnessed one of the largest tantrums that anyone in the civilized world has ever seen. After trying to discretely discipline, and quickly trying to get out of there, we left to run a couple more errands. After trying hard neither to let Knox bite Sam's fingers nor Sam pull Knox's hair, we arrived for lunch. Sam ate relatively quickly and was off to bed. Knox ate much more quickly, but wanted to hang around and play for a little while, so I let him (mistake number three). By this time it was at least two or so (early for him not have fully napped in the morning), so he should have been ready to sleep, but like any two-year-old, Knox wanted to stay up and play. Robin & I ate a VERY YUMMY lunch of her homemade chicken penne alfredo while Knox played in bed. After lunch, since Knox was still not asleep and was getting quite unruly, I picked him up to take home, where we both crashed until around 6 or so. Then, wesley came home from working out and we headed off to his parents' house, stopping by Burger King (mistake number... i lose count). We order. We double check my sandwich to make sure that it is infact grilled chicken and plain. It is, so we continue on our way, about 20 miles out, to Wesley's parents' house. We arrive; we pull out our combos only to find Wesley's sandwich is no where to be found. No where. So, I call Burger King, get it sorted out (and we can go pick one up whenever we choose, though that didnt' help us any last night). Finally, Knox began to start his I'm-sleepy-defiance-of-rules bit that children do when they've been up too long, so we put him to bed. Well, that just doesn't work well when you are over exhausted and two and at your grandparents' house. So, after about and hour of dealing off & on with an unpleasant child from the bedroom, he finally went to sleep! (Hallelujah!!!!) I put my feet up, watched much too much tv for one night, and went to bed way too late to get up as early as i did this morning. But, I am at work early this morning, and perhaps i'll get a nap in this afternoon. Wesley & I got to peek in on Knox before we headed out to work early (Wesley's mom is watching him today) and he is so almost angelic looking when he sleeps. What a sweetie. And we have lovely plans of friends coming for dinner, so I am very excited about what this day holds. Oh, and we rented Run Fatboy Run, so I'm excited about getting to watch it, as well!


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