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Friday, September 5, 2008


We made it. We got power back on yesterday, and there was no damage to our house. I am very thankful. This afternoon I have the daunting task of ridding the fridge/freezer of everything. Thankfully we still have bread, peanut butter, noodles/sauce, and canned stuff that we can eat b/c there is NOTHING food-wise in any of the grocery stores here. Even some of the fast food restaurants have nothing.
Lee (my sister) said that Baton Rouge is a Mess. No one still has power and trees are down everywhere. She said that for the first hour of the storm, she and her husband just watched trees fall down on houses in her neighborhood. Brad (her husband) went outside and watched. They say that the damage is almost (if not worse) than Katrina there b/c of the wind damage, not water damage. But they were peeved b/c none of the national news people are reporting it. They all go down to New Orleans, and saythat, well, it wasn't that bad. Not as bad as we expected. But it is that bad in Baton Rouge. Thankfully, the police and National Guard were ready, and they are helping patrol the area. Some area drugstores and Walmarts are opening, letting people in about 10 at a time with flashlights, and people are getting some supplies. They are waiting hours and hours in line for the stuff, but Lee said that they didn't even care that much b/c they don't have anything else to do.
Lee is here for a while, and her husband will be joining her soon. We went to Jackson Tuesday, adn stayed until yesterday, since we didn't have power. Thank you Brooke & Chad for letting us stay! :) We had a fun time! While we were there, we were able to get some sushi-making supplies that I have been needing and wanting since forever. We got sushi rice, seaweed, chopsticks, rice paper, and soba noodles from a little Asian Market. I also got some cute glass canisters from Hobby Lobby that I have been wanting along with a couple of seasonal candles. We got back last night around 10:30 or so, and went strait to bed. Knox didn't sleep a wink on the way home, so he slept in this morning.

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haha, I knew Knox wouldn't sleep on the way home!