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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

the office

so, i knew "the office" was a pretty funny show, and we've been sporting "the office" magnets on our refridgerator for about two years now (from a gift from my mom) but i had never really watched the show, only clips here and there. that is, until now. let me say, it is freaking hilarious. i cry. every episode. EVERY episode. and to just look at their expressions, especially the people in the background. especially anything dwight does. i CRACK UP! i just look for the people's expressions to see when they're about to crack up. its just about every scene. watch it from the begining. its funny sporatically, but it such a good show from the begining.

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The Curry's said...

The Office is awesome! It's our favorite show, by far. Michael and Dwight are so freakin' funny.